Parking FAQs

Parking Location

Q. How long can I park in the facility?

A. All vehicles will have up to two hours after the event or 2am (whichever comes first) to exit. Additional charges will apply after 2am.

Q. When can I enter the parking facility?

A. Two hours prior to the start of the game.

Q. I want to have dinner before/after the game. Can I leave my car in the facility?

A. The parking facilities open 2 hours before each event, and up to two hours after the event or 2am (whichever comes first). Additional charges will apply after 2am. Your pre-paid parking pass is valid during those time parameters.

Q. Is tailgating allowed?

A. No tailgating is allowed at any facilities. Open flames are prohibited in all parking facilities.


Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. Park Mobile accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express via our secure, online payment system.

Q. Is this site a secure site?

A. Yes. We use secure socket layer (SSL) technology to protect the security of your transaction. We also encrypt your personal and financial information as it travels over the internet, and store your financial information in encrypted form. Additionally, customer service representatives are not given access to your credit card information so you will be asked to verify complete information upon each call. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

Q. Is my parking space guaranteed?

A. Yes. Once purchased, a parking space will be waiting for your arrival. In case a parking lot becomes unusable due to inclement weather, Standard Parking reserves the right to re-direct you to another parking lot.

Q. Is my permit refundable?

A. All parking permits are non-refundable.

Q. Are there different permits and costs associated with cars, RV’s, buses, etc.?

A. Yes. Each vehicle type has a unique permit type and associated cost. Car permits will not work for RV’s, buses or vice versa.

Q. Why do I have to enter the number of passengers per vehicle and what if that number changes?

A. Entering the number of passengers in your vehicle simply assists event organizers and traffic law enforcement with valuable statistical information. This is an approximate number and changing the number does not effect the validity of the permit.

Q. What if I enter my personal information incorrectly?

A. Just call our Customer Service department at 866-330-PARK (7275) during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 9am-6pm EST) and a representative will gladly update your information.

Q. Can I print parking passes for any game?

A. Yes, parking passes can be printed at any time; for any game during the season.

Q. How does your site deliver a purchased parking permit?

A. Means of shipping vary from event to event. Standard options include US postal service, 3 day service, and overnight service each priced accordingly.

Q. How long will it take to receive my pass using the ePermit print at home option?

A. For most events you will receive 3 emails. The first 2 emails, including your driving directions, will arrive immediately. Your permit will come as a file attachment in a 3rd email which can take up to a few hours to process.

Q. If I can not make the game after purchasing a parking pass can I transfer it to another party?

A. Yes. Parking passes are transferable between parties. This applies to same day events only. You cannot transfer passes to another event.

Map & Directions

Q. Can I change my point of origin for my customized directions?

A. Yes. At the bottom of the email we send with customized directions, you will be able to change the address from which you are starting your journey. You may also go into “My Orders” at PMReserve.com, enter your account information and click on the green tab starting “Get directions here”. There will be a place to change your starting point.

Q. Why can’t I download a map when you advertise maps and directions to the event?

A. Our system will automatically email you customized set of maps and directions. The routes and maps we provide are designed specifically for the parking permit/lot location you have purchased and support the events traffic management plan which encourages a more efficient traffic flow.

Rescheduled or Cancelled Events

Q. What if the event I have purchased parking for is rescheduled or canceled?

A. Event postponement and/or cancellation decisions are made by Standard Parking management. Typically if an event is postponed, parking permits will be honored at the rescheduled date and time. Cancelled events and associated refunds are given upon event management instructions. Please contact Customer Service at 866-330-PARK (7275) for specific information regarding your event.